Sleep Wid Da Fishes

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It sounded like something out of a mob flick: Last July, a truck loaded with merchandise rolled from Utah to Montreal en route to a Canadian distributor, got held up in customs, and disappeared-along with the loot. But this truck wasn't carrying cigarettes; it was carrying $250,000 worth of Smith goggles and sunglasses.

At press time Montreal police had arrested, but hadn't charged, two men trying to resell Smith displays. Thanks to tight ties among manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, ski industry products are nearly impossible to resell in mass quanities; sources in Canada speculate that the thieves gave up and dumped most of the loot into the St. Lawrence River.


Refugio Frey

Bariloche, Argentina: Where to Eat, Drink, Dance, and Sleep

Bariloche, Argentina is home to mountains, lakes, wine, chocolate, and beef; not bad for ski bums traveling from the Northern Hemisphere. The local ski area, Cerro Catedral, sells tickets for around $40 U.S and offers tree runs, piste, jump-building opportunities, and a limitless backcountry decorated with monolithic rock spires. When I visited, during a lucky storm, we arrived nonchalantly everyday for the mountain’s 9:30 a.m. opening. The second week, we explored the city, drank the wine, and visited Bariloche’s popular and hidden establishments. Here is what I found.—Molly Baker