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Oregano and Thyme

Thyme and oregano may be common herbs for your favorite pasta dish, but they may also help cure a skier's common cold. According to Dr. Michael Culp at the Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab in Asheville, N.C., these herbs are packed with essential oils that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. The remedy dosage? "Put a teaspoon (of either herb) in a cup of boiling water, cover and let steep for 10 minutes, then drink," Culp suggests. He claims the old kitchen standbys will help alleviate such ailments as fever, chills, stuffy head and runny nose.

If you're worried more about being short of breath at higher altitudes, there's another option: Try eating saffron. It contains a compound called crosetin, which can increase oxygen diffusion in blood plasma by up to 80 percent, says Culp.