Snap Your Chin with Dylan Crossman

Private Lessons

Think freeheel skiers can't make tight jump turns? Think again. That may have been true when tele setups were skinny and floppy, but today's equipment is quicker. Quicker, that is, if you know how to snap your chin.

The next time you're in a tight chute, let your chin lead you into your turns (Fig.1). Plant your downhill pole. As you spring up in the air, snap your chin over your shoulder and aim it down the line where you want to end up (Fig. 2).

Anywhere your head goes, your body has to follow—creating a slight counter-rotation that translates to loaded torque. When you jump from turn to turn, you leave the ground for a second, releasing that torque and letting the energy push you into your next turn (Fig. 3). As soon as you land, snap your chin and spot your next landing (Fig. 4); you'll naturally ski past it. Then snap your chin back around. Soon, you'll have it down to one motion—and you'll rail tight chutes.