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Snoop Raps Up Vail Ski Season...For Rizzle

Party Scene
Spring back to Vail, 2005

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Vail, CO--The last day of the ski season is always bittersweet. This year, as the sun beamed down on Vail, CO, melting away precious snow, the closing-day scene was a chill farewell to the season. People gathered around the bar-b-ques at Blue Sky Basin, drank beer, shared memories and threw snowballs for one last time of the season.

As the sun started to set, the crowds moved from the hill to Ford Park Ampitheatre for a night fit for rappin'. The Game, a pimp with some serious skills, started the night off by dropping gangsta beats filled with enough cussing to pump up the growing mob.

When the Game was over, it was time to "drop it like it's hot with the ultimate bad boy, Snoop Dogg. Donning a phat American flag jumpsuit, cornrows and tasteful bling, today's king of rap busted rhymes for the hip-hop crowd of Colorado. Purple haze was in the air, as the sea of people flashed gangsta' attitudes and panties for the Big Dawg.

But the major attraction wasn't only Snoop, it was the ladies on the stage who were shakin' their thing to the funky beats. These girls, in their tight Dickies pants, stepped up the party and got the mosh-pit grooving.

When the show was over, it was time to head back to Vail Village and continue the party. As the posse stumbled into the night, they left behind a sea of plastic cups and beer cans—testimony that the pimp-gangsta-trick had successfully lit up his fans. Every dog has his day, and this one was certainly owned by Snoop.