Snowbird Looks to Fly Early

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Snowbird, UT, Nov. 3, 2000--Fact: Snowbird gets snow, lots of snow. The mountain even boasts "the greatest snow on earth," thanks to the Lake Effect that moves up Little Cottonwood Canyon and provides Snowbird with 500 inches annually. Snownbird usually doesn't get off the ground until mid or late November, but this season could see some early tracks being laid.

In fact, President Bob Bonar and other mountain officials made top to bottom first tracks, after a three-day storm at the beginning of the week left three feet at the summit and nearly two at the base. "It's pretty amazing to ski November 2nd top to bottom and not hit a single rock," reported Asst. PR Director Dave Fields.

Snowbird is not scheduled to open until Nov. 18, but Fields is "very confident" the lifts will be welcoming the public before that date. A storm moving in this weekend could leave Snowbird with heavy precipitation and even more world-renowned "dry" powder by Monday.