Snowstorm Settles Over New England

Shortly after moving to Colorado eight years ago, I went to a baseball game and was sorely disappointed. Where was the stadium mustard? Growing up in Cleveland, I thought every ballpark carried the unique spicy brown mustard that made grabbing a hot dog there something special. Sadly, this is not the case. Like flaming rivers and an economy based on LeBron James, stadium mustard is strictly a Cleveland thing. It’s been served at Cleveland sporting events for over 50 years and for good reason: Its vinegary tang will kick any tubed meat product to the next level. But good skiing? Definitely not a Cleveland thing. So now I enjoy my all-beef franks and ballpark mustard at springtime barbecues on Arapahoe Basin’s Beach. No hot dogs? No problem. Après tailgate sessions are the perfect time for a “stadium shot”: grab the bottle of Bertman’s and squeeze it directly into your mouth. It tastes like Cleveland but…without the pollution and sadness. [$6.80 for a 16-ounce bottle;]  —S.G.

Jay, VT, Jan. 13--Snow at last in the northeast! A low-pressure system moved into southern New England yesterday and brought a return of winter to the region. The storm is expected to leave over a foot of fresh snow at some ski areas just in time for the Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend.

Vermont's Jay Peak Ski Resort takes the snow fall lead today with 15-17 inches of new snow, making for a total of 24-28 inches in the last two days. Another 6-14 inches is forecast through Saturday.

Overall, the system dusted most of the resorts in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire with at least a couple of inches, and some areas reporting up to eight inches so far. Wildcat Mountain, NH, and Vermont's Bromley, Stratton Mountain, Mount Snow, Haystack, and Mad River Glen have all accumulated over six inches in the last 24 hours.

This snowfall comes at an opportune time for skiers and resorts alike. Although many New England areas have managed to provide enough man-made snow to please their guests, this boost of the real thing will make a big difference just in time for the holiday weekend. Skiers should see improved snow conditions of their trails and enjoy a greater choice of trails, as resorts open up more terrain.