Spin Doctoring: Step One

Mountain Life

Porsche instructors call the process of correcting a skid "CPR," which stands for Correction, Pause, Recovery. Picture this scenario: It's below freezing at night, and you're on your way home from a day at the slopes, approaching a right-hand curve on a two-lane country road. As you corner, you hit a patch of ice. Suddenly your back tires begin skidding, and the back end slides to the left. Solution: Turn your front wheels to the left, the same direction as the skidding back tires. In other words, turn the steering wheel toward the skid. Jeff Purner, manager of operations for the Porsche Driving Experience, says, "The faster the back is coming out from behind you, the faster you have to match the steering to the skid." Think quick hands. This is the Correction phase.