Step 4: Balance

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Can you stay upright?

Good balance can help you keep your form when you encounter changing terrain and snow conditions. The result? Better skiing and fewer spills.

The Test: One-Leg Balance

How To Do It
Balance on one leg, while wearing shoes for arch support. Bend your other leg upward until your thigh is perpendicular to the floor. Close your eyes, and hold that position for two minutes. Record how many times your raised foot touches the floor. This exercise also strengthens the ankles.

Boost Your Score
Practice is the only way you'll improve balance. To add some motion into the mix, try using a balance board, which is essentially a small plank mounted on a central, stable pivot point. The goal is to keep the board parallel to the ground. Balance for two minutes and record how many times the board touches the ground. As you practice, try to lower that number. Don't have a balance board? Then, with a partner, play catch while standing on one leg.

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