Step 5: Anaerobic

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Can you handle a black-diamond trail?

Skiing requires short bursts of intense effort. This test uses a common skiing motion to see how well you can sustain those bursts.

How To Do It
This is a high-impact exercise, so use a surface such as soft ground or carpet. Hop sideways, back and forth over a distance of about 18 inches (To measure, place two pieces of masking tape parallel to each other on the ground, 18 inches apart.) As you jump, explode upward, using your quads and glutes; then bend your knees as you land. Record how many jumps you can do in a minute. Each sideways hop is one jump, so over and back would be two jumps.

Boost Your Score
Interval training is the key to being able to ski hard for a full run. Intervals are short periods of intense effort, interspersed with short rest periods. For lateral jump intervals, start with five 20-second periods, during which you jump as quickly as you can, while maintaining proper form. Rest for 40 seconds between each. After the fifth interval, rest for two to five minutes, until your heart is beating at a normal, resting pace. Then do another set of five intervals. As you improve, jump over a stack of books or small bench to add some height to your hops. Or try using training machines such as The Skier's Edge.

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