Step 7: Flexibility



Do you have range of motion?

We won’t take time for a stretching sermon here. You know that incorporating even a few stretches into your slope-day prep will ward off injury and boost your performance. Try this classic for starters.

How To Do It
Sit on the floor with your feet straight out in front of you, toes pointed straight upward. Slowly reach forward with both arms, as far as you are able. Hold that position for 15 seconds. To stretch your back, keep your lower back rounded outward as you reach. To stretch your hamstrings, keep your back flat, rocking your pelvis forward.

Boost Your Score
Start small. Find five minutes, a few days a week, in which you can stretch some key muscle groups: hamstrings, calves, quads, chest, to name a few. Calf stretches are especially important, as they will help you flex your ankle and remain in a forward position as you ski. If you’re serious about limbering up, visit www.skimag.com for more stretching suggestions.

Rate Yourself

Numbers are given in inches from your outstretched fingers to your toes. Positive numbers indicate distance past toes, zero is at toes, negative numbers indicate distance to toes.