Stretching: The Truth, AprÈs -Ski Stretches


Adapted from Blahnik’s Full-Body Flexibility, this 10-minute routine will lengthen muscles shortened by your ski stance and long lift rides. Use this routine daily if you spend a lot of time in a car or at a desk. Ease into static stretches, and don’t forget to breathe. For dynamic stretches, move constantly within a comfortable range in a controlled, fluid manner.


Dynamic Arch

Stand upright, and place your palms on your lower back. Lift your chest, chin and ribs toward the ceiling by contracting your back muscles and extending your spine. Return to the starting position, and repeat 10 to 12 times.

What it stretches

Abs, chest, neck



Stand with your feet three feet apart and your toes pointing forward. Bend forward at the hips, and reach your hands toward the floor between your feet. Hold for 10—30 seconds. For a greater hamstring stretch, keep your feet together.

What it stretches

Hamstrings, adductors, trunk extensors

>Side-Lying Knee Bend Lie on your left side, and rest your head on the palm of your left hand. Bend your right leg at the knee, bringing your heel up toward your glutes as far as comfortably possible; then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. On the last rep, reach back with your right hand and grab your ankle; hold it for 10—30 seconds. Now switch and perform the stretch with the other leg. What it stretches Quads

>Dynamic Lying Leg Lift Lie facedown with your head turned to one side. Bend your right knee until the sole of your foot faces the ceiling. Lift the front of your right thigh as high off the floor as comfortably possible; then lower to the starting position. Repeat 10 times, and then switch legs. What it stretches Hip flexors

>Static Kneeling Runner’s Lunge Kneel on your right leg. Step out with your left foot, and gently press your hips forward. Place your hands on your left thigh for support, if necessary. Keep your body weight distributed between both legs, and hold for 10—30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. What it stretches Hip flexors

>Downward-Facing Dog Kneel with your hands on the floor. Lift your pelvis and bring your knees off the floor. Bring your shoulders and head down. Keep your knees bent at first, then slowly bring your heels to the floor and straighten your knees. Hold for 10—30 seconds. What it stretches Calves, hamstrings, abs, chest

>Upward-Facing Dog Lie facedown with your hands near your shoulders. Lift your torso off the floor by pushing up with your hands. Look straight ahead, and don’t extend beyond what is comfortable for your lower back. Hold for 10—30 seconds. What it stretches Shins, hip flexors, abs