Summer Schooled


You’re an expert skier and a decent

athlete in a long list of sports. But when was the last time you went back to square one and became a beginner again? (Let’s ignore skidding down an icy Outer Limits last January and that unfortunate pinwheeling on KT-22, shall we?)


editors pushed their limits in both deed and spirit last summer, enrolling in intensive beginner clinics in sports completely new to them—jock-ego be damned. What did they learn?

Lesson One: Learning a new sport is more daunting in theory than in practice. There are weekend “starter clinics in a wide range of sports virtually anywhere people swing a leg over a bike saddle (

Rolling Asunder

), thread a flyfishing rod (

Casting Call

), lace up golf shoes (

In the Swing

), or wade into water (

The River Wild

). And the cost doesn’t have to break the family budget.

More good news: The fun comes fast and furious when you’re starting a sport. As a rank beginner, the learning curve is your best friend. Simply landing one fish, nailing one golf shot or staying in your boat through one set of rapids will make your whole afternoon.

We know you have a secret list of sports that you’ve always wanted to try but have never made time for. (We do.) And in case you haven’t noticed, you’re not getting any younger. (We’re certainly not.) So go broaden your horizons this summer (

Gravity Games

), feel like a kid again, and finally put to rest the eternal question: If not now, when?

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