Sustainable Slopes: Alpine Meadows

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(Rachael Woods (530) 581-8321 by popular demand, Alpine Meadows will offer free eco ski/snowboard tours on Sustainable Slopes Day. The environmental educational tour/program will be led by Alpine Meadows staff biologists Sarah Trebilcock and Jeff Zotz, and will focus on basic geology of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, winter flora and fauna unique to this region, and animal life found at Alpine Meadows. A discussion of the history of native people who inhabited the Sierra will also be included. The tour will finalize by emphasizing Alpine Meadows' commitment to environmental stewardship, ethics, and education. Offered at 10 am - 11:30 am and 1:30 pm - 3 pm, the eco tours are open to children and adults of all ages of at least intermediate ability level, and will meet at the large Alpine Meadows sign near Roundhouse Quad Chairlift.

Alpine will also focus on local environmental issues and projects, presenting speakers, information, and display booths from the following local environmentally proactive organizations:

Sierra Watershed Education Partnership - SWEP's primary role is to build collaborative community partnerships that promote the implementation of hands-on watershed science education. SWEP provides teacher trainings, community education and outreach, and collaborative efforts in service-learning that emphasize the elements of the Adopt-A-Watershed (AAW) science curriculum (see

United States Forest Service Ranger District - The United States Forest Service conducts many studies involving native bird and animal activity and flora and fauna growth at and around Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. The Forest Service representatives will give talks on the plants and animals, history of the area, and summer-through-winter projects. Most kids are interested in this booth, as it is highly interactive. A raptor handler will also attend, bringing a Peregrine Falcon, which is a native bird.

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle - Toyota offers different hybrid vehicles, including the Prius and Highlander 4-wheel drive (2004-2005). Hybrid vehicles emit less global warming pollutants. Information about those vehicles will be available.

Placer County Water Agency- PCWA carries out a broad range of responsibilities including water resource planning and management, retail and wholesale supply of irrigation water and drinking water and production of hydroelectric energy (see

Truckee River Watershed Council - The Truckee River Watershed Council was founded in May 1998 to develop and implement locally developed public-private collaborative solutions to protect and improve water quality and biological resources for the sustainable environmental and economic health of the Truckee River watershed (see

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal - With the amount of garbage, trash, and recyclable material we produce, it's sometimes difficult to decipher what material is recyclable and what is not. A Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal representative will give tips on recycling, waste reduction, and proper waste disposal.

Clif Bar - A popular energy bar company, Clif Bar is a socially and environmentally conscious business from Berkeley, CA. The latest winner of the Environmental Protection Agency's "Green Power Award", a Clif Bar representative will give talks about social and environmental programs, and give out free Clif Bar samples.

Alpine Meadows Environmental Programs - A winner of the Waste Reduction Award Program, Alpine Meadows' recycling efforts have grown significantly in the past five years. The area also uses biodiesel fuel in mountain vehicles. Biodiesel fuel contains vegetable oils. Trail Crew Manager Rich Wrenn has also been experimenting in the summer months with different soil mulching methods, which will ultimately serve to retain moisture with the addition of pine needles - rather than straight soil. Also during summer months: by irrigating native pllants during their first two years of growth, their survival rate increases by 85%, which helps to eliminate erosion.

Green Builders Association - Green Builders Association will give talks on solar power when creating new buildings or homes.All of the above display booths, exhibits, and presenters will be in Alpine's main lodge cafeteria all day Saturday, February 21.