Sustainable Slopes: Deer Valley


(Bob Wheaton (435) 649-1000

Deer Valley is doing its part to Keep Winter Cool. The resort is participating in Pacificorp and Utah Power's Blue Sky renewable energy program. As part of our continuing commitment to environmental efforts and programs, Deer Valley is investing in the Blue Sky program by purchasing a portion of our total power from renewable energy sources. Our commitment will result in the environmental equivalent of not driving over 5 1/2 million miles per year and will reduce the introduction of CO2 emissions (a principal global warming pollutant) by over 529 tons per year. For Sustainable Slopes Day, Deer Valley will provide an information table in our lobby where guests may obtain information and outreach materials on Sustainable Slopes and Keep Winter Cool. The Utah Clean Energy Alliance will help staff our information table. Additionally, we will be helping guests sign up for wind power for their homes through Utah Power.