Sustainable Slopes: Holiday Valley


(Jane Eshbaugh (716) 699-2345 JEshbaugh@HOLIDAYVALLEY.COM)

For Sustainable Slopes Day at Holiday Valley, the resort will host a few different activities to reach different audiences. First we will have someone dressed in a "Mama Bear" costume visit the Day Care center and talk to the 3-4 year olds about keeping our area clean and free from litter. Our Rangers (season-long participants in our Kids Program) will each get a litterbag to collect trash on the 21st. The child with the biggest bag will win a prize. We will have a table set up in the Yodeler Lodge that will be staffed by our local school's Ecology Club. They will talk to interested people about the area's natural history and will give them info on what Holiday Valley does to help keep winter cool. They will also give away Keep Winter Cool stickers and other promotional materials. Finally, we will post a message on our web site that encourages people to car pool and allows individuals to connect with bus groups headed to the resort.