Sustainable Slopes: Hunter Mountain


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When your backyard is a State Park and Forest Preserve deemed "forever wild," you tend to work harder at protecting the environment. Hunter Mountain, one of the several high peaks in the Catskills, is an example of how mountains and people, can co-exist. The Catskill Park and Forest Preserve encompass more than 6,000 square miles, and boast three dozen mountain peaks over 3,500 feet in elevation and six major river systems. The remarkable natural beauty of the Catskill Mountain Region has been revered by tourists and locals alike, making the 600,000 acres a preferred destination in New York State.

This year, Hunter has made even more improvements to ensure the preservation of the stunning Catskills environment. We are purchasing enough Wind Energy Credits to power Hunter's Learning Center for the entire ski season. Purchased through Community Energy, Hunter's new 33,000 square-foot beginners and family Learning Center will be completely wind-powered during the winter ski season. Wind energy is an excellent alternative to fossil-fuel based energy as it is 100% pollution-free, renewable and clean. In addition to Hunter's Learning Center wind energy purchase, the Mountain will make a donation to the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and the Catskill Center for every home signing onto the Community Energy program during Sustainable Slopes Day February 21st, 2004. This is our contribution to reducing global warming pollutants and raising awareness about global warming among our guests. We work diligently to protect our natural resources because global warming affects everyone.