Take a Seat: Built to Rip

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30-35 lbs.



A monoski breaks down into four main components, says Jeff Goodman of Radventures, Inc., maker of Yetti brand monoskis. There's the

seating system (1)

, which consists primarily of a fiberglass seat, which may be reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fiber to improve its strength-to-weight ratio. Next comes the

frame (2)

, constructed of chromoly steel or aluminum. "Much like a bicycle frame," says Goodman. A

suspension system (3)

cushions the ride, and typically uses a stock motorcycle shock absorber, though pricey suspensions may feature customized shocks. Finally, there's the

binding system (4)

, really a high-end conventional race binding, modified to prevent release, which accommodates a boot-shaped adapter. As for the ski, Goodman says just about any traditional ski will work, but "stiffer boards are better."



Take a Seat 105

Take a Seat

When Chris Waddell, the world's most decorated monoskier, coaches an able-bodied U.S. Ski Team veteran on the finer points of carving while strapped into a bucket, the lessons learned are downright liberating.