Talkin' Trash

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Salt Lake City, UT, Dec. 19, 2001--With over two million sports fans expected during the Winter Games, the pressing question is: who's going to take out the trash? Fortunately, Salt Lake City will host the first Olympics to add environment to the existing principles of sport and culture. They have implemented over 15 programs to help neutralize environmental impact, while promoting awareness from school ages on up.

In nine different promo videos, several US Ski Team athletes have volunteered to help keep the message light and fun. Alpine racer, Picabo Street, uses her appeal to showcase the importance of trees. The Plant an Olympic Family Tree program has resulted in 30,000 new tree plantings just in Utah and almost 17 million worldwide.

Using infrared technology from NASA, temperature 'hot spots' throughout the state were pinpointed for more tree planting. In her clip, retired Olympic gold aerialist, Nikki Stone, talks about 'cool spaces' and the NASA-like earth views she gets when spiraling through the air.

In other spots, Paralympian Chris Waddell promotes The Natural Inquirer, a scientific journal distributed to school grades 4 - 9, while World Super-G Champion, Daron Rahlves, describes the world of wind deflection in the Blue Sky Program.