Ten Tips For Skiing In Flat Light

Your favorite place to be on the mountain is out in the open bowls arcing huge high-speed turns. But when the clouds move in and the wind is screaming, you can’t see a thing in front of you. You can’t tell which way is up or down, your stomach is turning, and you’re starting to feel dizzy. This can be an intimidating situation and stops even the most seasoned experts dead in their tracks. But you’ve got to keep on moving. Don’t let whiteout situations ruin your day. Here’s how to get down the hill safely and have a little fun in the soup while you’re at it.
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That's the point, right? Try brands you haven't heard of; go with a bigger or more rockered ski; if you're a lady, try a guy's ski. It's like freshman year of college: feel free to experiment.

Tips for Demoing Skis

When you buy skis you're committing to a long term relationship, which is why it's smart to try skis before you buy them. Welcome to speed dating.

Gear for the Air

Gear For The Air

We said that you can't get hurt in the air, but here is some gear that will help you stay injury free when you land.