Teton Gravity Beefcake

Cold Front

It’s unlikely that getting a date has ever been an issue for Micah Black, even in Jackson, Wyoming, where odds are often Powerball-esque. He’s taller than most of us. And better looking. Plus there’s that whole “skiing in the movies” thing. Yet it was still surprising to see a legitimate ski dirtbag like Black among the hairdressers, hotel clerks, and-perhaps the biggest pansy of all-ex-University of Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington, in Cosmopolitan’s recent “Hottest Hunks in the U. S.” story. (Black is the representative for Wyoming, mind you-where the pool of pretty-boys runs on the shallow side.)

“Cosmo called (Jackson Hole communications director) Anna Olson asking for photos of bachelors,” says Black. “One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was on Regis and Kelly.”

Black had to share the talk show spotlight with 32 other co-hunks. “But I did get to meet David Bowie, so that was pretty cool,” he says. For his L.A. photo shoot, Black sported a sexy, fur-lined robe, making him look more like he’s ready to take a powder than ski some. He swears he tried to talk them out of it. “I told them the fur stuff wasn’t my style,” he says. “But they had this whole Vin Deisel thing going.” Black is quoted in the piece saying that his “commando move” is not to wear underwear. “It has improved my love life a little,” Black says of his newfound fame. “But I’m definitely taking a bunch of shit from people around Jackson.”