The Battle Lines are Drawn


Turning their attention away from the declining timber and mining industries, well-financed environmentalists are now battling ski resorts of all sizes. With a few exceptions, virtually every form of construction or expansion that is proposed for ski areas is being challenged, and not just those projects that reach into so-called roadless areas. Even replacement lifts and improvements to on-mountain lodges are drawing intense opposition. This three part report examines what this means for skiers.

Eco-activists Target Vail Resort
Dark clouds gathered over Vail last summer, as a band of eco-activists launch an offensive against the resort…

The Background on Vail’s Category III Expansion
Confrontation had been brewing at Vail for months, perhaps even years…

What it means for other ski areas
Vail is Ground Zero for a new national offensive that almost certainly will change skiing as we know it…
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