The Conclusion of the Audi 24 Hours of Aspen


After 24 hours of excruciating pain, the race came to a dramatic conclusion as 14 of the 17 racers skied to the finish. Skiing Magazine’s editor, Lindsay Yaw finished in 4th place with a combined skiing time of 2:33:30. Lap after lap, Lindsay was continuously challenged by the howling winds combined with the pitch black of night. Yet, for 24 hours Lindsay continued to load the gondola bringing her back to the top of the course only to barrel down to the finish, 3,267 feet below.

Casey Puckett, the consistent leader throughout the race, finished in 1st place 57 seconds ahead of Michael Brunner from Germany. Puckett, an Aspen local, completed 63 laps reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour. This is a speed most of us are apprehensive to even drive in a car.

In the final hour of the race, the competitors began to welcome the sound of the cheering fans in the finish. The racers realized that the conclusion of the race meant that food and rest were soon to follow. For the first time in 24 hours, the racers lifted their heads long enough to crack a smile or even raise their hands in the air.


1. 2:18:46 Casey Puckett (U.S.A.)

2. 2:19:03 Michael Brunner(Germany)

3. 2:19:56 William Besse(Switzerland)

4. 2:22:02 Roman Torn(Canada)

5. 2:25:20 Fletcher Yaw(U.S.A.)

6. 2:28:53 Javier Rivara(Argentina)

7. 2:25:33 Geoff Small(New Zealand)

8. 2:28:21 Marein Szafranski(Poland)

9. 2:29:44 Aleisha Cline(Canada)

10. 2:29:56 Philippe May(Switzerland)

11. 2:30:22 Asia Jenkins(U.S.A.)

12. 2:31:39 Andrea Dezza(Italy)

13. 2:32:36 Wendy Lumby(Canada)

14. 2:33:30 Lindsay Yaw(U.S.A.)

Anik Demers: DNF

Christian Deissenboeck: DNF

17. 1:06:59 Ales Brezavscek: DNF