The Full Nordy

nordic nude

Canadian Nordic women reveal all -- and we mean all.

Okay, forget this Alpine stuff. Time to strap on some skinny sticks and head to the Great White North. The reason? The Canadian Women's National Cross-Country Ski Team -- and their naked 2001 calendar, Nordic Nudes.

In order to raise money for their 2001 racing season, five of Canada's top female Nordic skiers shed their Lycra in front of a photographer to show the world what they're made of. "We got the idea during a World Cup race in Norway," recalls team member Sara Renner. "One of us read an article about a group of middle-aged British socialites who put out a nude calendar to raise money for leukemia. We thought it'd be a hilarious thing to do."

Sales of the calendar took off, but not without protest. "Canadians are pretty modest," says Renner. "It's cold, so people spend all their time wrapped up in clothes. We definitely had a few feminists knocking on our door." Ironically, the girls credit the controversy with helping to sell the calendar.

"More than anything, we wanted to show that cross-country is a sport that normal, fit, healthy girls do," says Renner. "It's certainly better than drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and eating rice crackers all day." For ordering info, go to