The Future of Ski Travel

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With the recent terror attacks and anthrax scares in the U.S., people around the world are concerned -- concerned for their security, the security of their friends and loved ones, and the security of their lifestyles.

We are also concerned -- for the same reasons, and for others: Will skiers continue to ski, especially when travel safety is an issue? Will skiers continue to read about skiing when there seem to be so many more important issues to read about? Will skiers head to the slopes to escape -- even for a few hours -- from the fright and alarm of the daily goings-on in New York, Washington, and Afghanistan?

The answer to these questions: Who knows? It's never easy to gauge how a country, a group of people, or even an individual will respond to occurrences as grave and serious as those we've seen transpire since September 11.

Tell us what you think. How have the events of September 11 affected you and your skiing? Will you continue to ski as you normally would? Are you planning a vacation for the coming season? E-mail us or tell us in our forums for a chance to win...a shiny, new sticker.


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