The Global Cooling Tour - Expedition Karakoram


June 13, 2007
In summer 2007, world champion free skier Alison Gannett and world-class mountain guide Zoe Hart will lead a first descent ski mountaineering adventure in the Karokoram mountains of Pakistan with the goal of raising global awareness concerning solutions to global warming. The adventure will work towards a long term plan to demonstrate how all individuals, businesses, and governments in the carbon-pollution emitting first-world can start global cooling - in a systematic, comprehensive, and simplistic way - while also improving the bottom line.

Skiing lends itself to being a "canary in the coal mine" for climate change: As glaciers and snows melt, the industry will be one of the first to feel economic and ecological pain. Yet the implications are far more devastating. Snow and glacial melt around the world provides irrigation for crops, life for ecosystems, power for electricity and drinking water for almost half of the world.

The expedition is planning to provide visually compelling evidence and personal Balti testimonials, in addition to extreme climate data collected from other parts of the world. The hope is to assist in bridging the gap between people's belief in climate change and their subsequent lack of action. The route will follow some of the world's largest glaciers outside the Arctic, retracing and skiing Fanny Bullock Workman's quest for the world altitude record over 100 years ago, while comparing her old photography to current glacial positioning.

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