The High Road

Cold Front
Cold Front, April 2005

It was storming all over the West, and Jamie and I saw that Oregon was supposed to get a couple sunny days. The people at Rage Films had told us about the gap, which is in a part of the state that will remain a secret. So we made the epic drive from Utah to Oregon. Most of the first day was spent building the kicker. We had to sneak around to do it. We had people stationed to watch for plows and authorities. The approach was about a quarter-mile, and really gradual, but the last 40 feet were super steep. The kicker was eight feet tall. The gap was about 90 feet across. All told, Jamie probably covered 110 feet in distance, and, at his highest, was more than 40 feet above the road. We shot it in two takes. That gap only gets two hours of good light—from around 1 to 3 p.m. It had been cloudy for most of the day. I can't believe it worked. It just came together. The next day, we got back in the car and drove back to Utah.