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The New Lift Tickets

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Hot List, Feb 2005

There are only a handful of SKIDATA systems in the States-including Aspen, Mt. Bachelor, and Solitude. Across the pond, however, more than 700 resorts employ the efficient electronic turnstile system. But an even cooler way to shuffle past the sensor is to have your watch double as your lift ticket. Swatch makes half a dozen Snowpass models like this one (from $50; Buy the timepiece, and you can upload purchased lift tickets directly to your watch at most SKIDATA resorts around the world.

February 2005


During the summer on Aspen Mountain, you can play on the world’s highest disc-golf course. Hike or take the gondola to the top of Ajax for 18 holes of disc golf at 11,000 feet.

Ski Resort Disc Golf

At these resorts the lifts run through the summer to access some of the best high-altitude disc-golf courses in the country.


Buy Cheap Lift Tickets

In 2006, Evan Reece cofounded, a purveyor of discounted lift tickets that can save you up to 70 percent. Here, Reece explains ticket-buying strategy. As told to Skiing Magazine contributor Katie Matteson.


Squaw offers $30 Lift Ticket on "Furlough Fridays"

The resort is offering $30 lift tickets to all California State workers affected by furloughs, on the first and third Friday of each month, beginning February 6, 2009.