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The Nissan Outdoor Games by Columbia Reveal Jury Members

Nissan Outdoor Games

Chamonix, 30th of January 2008 — As the film and photo competition Nissan Outdoor Games by Columbia gets closer, the jury members have been announced. Here's a little background on those who will be handing out "l'Aiguille d'Or - the Golden Peak, to the winners.

In mid-February, Chamonix Mont-Blanc will host the best Extreme Sports athletes for a unique competition. There will be mountain sports of course, but above all, the Outdoors Games will be a festival of film and photography. The concept will bring together seven teams. Skiers, snowboarders, climbers, paragliders and BASE-jumpers will join up with professional cameramen, photographers, editors, and producers. They will all have 5 days to produce a short film of 5 minutes. Together with a 5000 Euro prize, the "Aiguille d'Or, trophy will be awarded to the best production during the ceremony on Saturday night in the centre of Chamonix. The decision will be made by a jury made up of specialists in the areas of sport and audiovisuals. They will also hand out an award for the best photograph.

Sports journalist and T.V. presenter Denis Brogniart will honour the Outdoor Games with his presence as president of the jury. This enthusiastic chronicler started off his career at Europe 1, and went on to present Formula One on national TV. The experience prepared him well for presenting two programs where the sporting qualities of courage, stamina and pushing your own limits were much needed : Fear Factor and Koh-lanta. Continuing his work on TV, he also contributes to the TF1 documentary series Reportage.

A true legend in the mountain world, the climber Christophe Profit is well qualified to judge the sporting performances captured on film. This mountain guide made a name for himself in 1982 with the first solo climb of the west face of the Drus (in the Mont-Blanc range) in 3 hours and 10 minutes. In 1987, Christophe managed to scale 3 of the highest north faces in the Alps in 42 hours : "the winter triology of the Grandes Jorasses, the Eiger and the Cervin. In 1991, it was him again who made the first ascent of K2 (Himalayas/8611 m) by the north-west face with Pierre Beghin.

On the sporting side of things, we also have the American Dave Barlia. A star in the world of extreme sports, Dave is well known for his BASE-jumping performances, a sport which he has been doing for twenty years. He is also one of the pioneers of the wingsuit. A true icon of outdoor sports, Dave can handle himself with ease in the air, on snow and in a kayak.

The director of the Tourism Office, Bernard Prudhomme, will also be a member of the jury representing the town of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. A mountain guide and true local, he will be able to share his vision as a perfect connoisseur of the terrain. Trained as a sound engineer, he is well aware of the inherent difficulties involved when filming in these conditions.

A photographer specializing in sport and nature shots, the Swede Patrik Lindqvist already knows the Outdoor Games, having participated as a competitor. An aficionado of action photos, he will bring a critical eye to the selection of films and photographs to be judged.

The seventh member of the jury is still unknown as he will be chosen out of the participants in a competition draw presented on the welcome page of the web-site. The lucky winner will receive a place on the jury of the Outdoor Games, as well as a week-end for two in Chamonix. The result of the competition will be announced on the 5th of February.



Film Competition Scheduled for Outdoor Games Feb. 20

Following the growing success of the Nissan Outdoor Games, it has become THE event at the core of today’s action sports world.

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