The Skier's Plyometric Workout


Weeks 1-4

Prepare your body with strength and cardio training. For guidance, click on “Pump Up Your Skiing” to your right.

Weeks 5-6

Add low-impact plyos into the mix.

Jump rope for five one-minute intervals, with one to two minutes of rest in between. Jump only once between rope turns. In week six, do five 90-second intervals.

Pogo jumps: With two feet and only a small bend in the knees, bound forward 10 times, backward 10, right 10 and left 10. Do three sets.
Weeks 7-8
Increase plyo intensity.

Pogo jumps: Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Line jumps: Tape a line on the ground. With two feet, bound forward over the line at a 45-degree angle, tucking your knees toward your chest. Immediately repeat, jumping back to the original side. Do two sets of 10 jumps in week seven, three sets in week eight.

One-footed diagonal jumps: Follow directions for diagonal line jumps, but hop from one leg to the other.
Weeks 9-12
Do four of these five exercises in each session:

Three to five two-minute jump-rope intervals.

Diagonal cone jumps: Follow directions for diagonal line jumps, but leap over 8-12 inch cones instead of a line.

Box jumps: Stand to the side of a 6-12 inch box. Jump onto the box with two feet, back to the ground on the other side and then back to the box. Continue for 30 seconds. Do three sets. In week 10, increase time to 60-90 seconds.

Stair hops: Use stadium or other nonslick steps. Stand at the bottom of the stairs in a quarter squat. Jump to the first or second step, then immediately to the next one. Continue for 10 jumps, without pausing in between. Run back down the stairs. Do two sets, increasing to three in week 10.

Medicine ball dips: You’ll need a partner and a medicine ball. Stand 10 feet to the left of your partner, with both of you facing the same direction. Holding the ball, stand on your left leg and dip down. Then push back up with your left leg, tossing the ball to your partner as you push. Standing on his right leg, your partner should start to dip as he catches the ball. Do two sets of 10 catches with each leg.Jump Right

Think springy. Power is strength in relation to speed, so the goal is to move quickly from one jump to the next.

Do all jumps on a soft surface.

Land softly. Absorb shock by bending sequentially at the ankle, knee and then hip.

Don’t land solely on your ball or heel. Use your full foot to spring into the next jump.

Keep your glutes and abs slightly contracted.

Use your arms to help you power through the jump.