Tom Lehman

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Minnesota native Tom Lehman started skiing on the hills of Northern Michigan when he was in first grade. The five-time PGA Tour winner and 1996 British Open champion concentrated on golf in high school, but returned to the slopes after he and wife Melissa had three kids. Now the Lehmans are often found schussing the slopes of Snowmass, Colo.

Born March 7, 1959

Golf Vs. Skiing "Golf is a great sport, but you have to be so focused on yourself. With skiing, I can be totally focused on the people around me."

The Perfect Day "There's nothing better than a day of skiing with the people you care about most, stopping for lunch on the mountain, then skiing the rest of the afternoon and finishing up by hitting the hot tub, having a few beers and sitting around the fireplace for dinner. That's just a magical day. There's nothing I know of that can beat it."

On The Olympics "I was kind of disappointed Hermann Maier wasn't skiing. I got a kick out of the competitiveness between him and Stephan Eberharter. It was obvious that Eberharter was tired of being in Maier's shadow. As a competitor, I can relate to that¿nobody likes to be second fiddle."
Fear Factor "With skiing, you have to learn to conquer your fear of crashing and ski the course fast and let it all hang out. With golf you have to learn to overcome your fear of hitting a bad shot and let it all hang out."

On Equipment "With golf, I'm the type of person who sticks with what he likes. With skiing, I'll go with the latest and greatest technology because I don't do it that often and the new shaped skis basically turn themselves. I actually learned a lesson from that. I've recently gotten into trying new golf equipment and making sure I'm up to speed on the latest technology because it does make a big difference."

On His Skiing Level "If an Olympic skier is a PGA Tour player and a snowplower is a 30 handicapper, then I'm a high single digits guy."

On Racing Tiger "Considering he probably can't ski, I'd do really well."
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