Train Like a Turtle: How Do You Measure Up?

Be Strong

Hermann Maier


6 feet


200 pounds




Flachau, near Salzburg, Austria

Pedal Power:

Can pedal at 300 watts while maintaining an aerobic pace for hours.

Cycling for Skiing:

Spends 10 times as many hours on the bike as on the slopes.

Blood letting:

In an eight-month training phase following his accident, Maier’s blood was drawn 1,106 times to check lactate levels. In that same time frame, he spent 212 hours in the saddle for the equivalent of 3,812 miles.

Claims to Fame

Four overall World Cup championships

Two Olympic gold medals at Nagano (despite crashing in the downhill, flying 100 yards at 70 miles per hour, and winding up on the cover of Time magazine)

47 World Cup victories, third only to Ingemar Stenmark (86) and Aberto Tomba (50)

In 2003, served as honorary starter of the Tour de France prologue, finishing just nine seconds behind the last pro.Website: hm1.com (Get your Hermann Maier track pants, T-shirts, and bottle openers here!)