Train Like a Turtle: Out of the Saddle

Be Strong

For recreational skiers, Bergmüller recommends doing three types of exercises: dynamic exercises such as sit-ups (with or without a medicine ball); reactive exercises, which create an imbalance in the body (such as sit-ups on a balance ball); and static-isometric exercises (wall sit), which shift tension without changing the length of your muscles. “Isometric forms of movement require relatively little coordination, says Bergmüller, “and are often used as stabilization exercises.

Medicine-Ball Toss

Target: Core Strength

Holding a medicine ball, lie on a bench with your shoulders off one end. Lifting your torso and crunching your abs, throw the ball overhead. Catch it and recline to the starting position.

Target: Agility
Bounce a soccer ball from foot to foot without dropping it. This reactive exercise strengthens the connection between your eyes and feet, hones lateral movement, and increases the strength and balance of each foot.

Hip-Rotation Sit Ups (not shown)
Target: Core Strength
Sit a few feet from a wall (facing it) in a modified V position with your legs in the air, stomach muscles contracted, and core tight. Holding a six- to eight-pound medicine ball, rotate from left to right, touching the ball down on either side of your hips. After two rotations, bounce the ball off the wall above your head. Catch it, and begin the rotations again.