Train with the Best, Meet our Fitness-Coach Dream Team

Be Strong

THE TRAINER: Asia Jenkins THE GYM: The Aspen Club & Spa, Aspen, Colorado THE CLASS: Jenkins borrows moves from Pilates and yoga, but also includes tuck jumps, stadium steps, and slide boards in her circuit. STAR STUDENT: Olympic snowboarder Chris Klug 411:

THE TRAINER: Kathleen Leopardi-Anderson THE GYM: Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City, Utah THE CLASS: Outdoor sessions include agility runs, hill sprints, and stadium-step hops. STAR STUDENT: Heli guide Spencer Wheatley 411:

THE TRAINER: Jenny Seyranian THE GYM:A-Sante, Tahoe City, California THE CLASS: Post circuit-training, Seyranian gets students off their backs and upright for 12 minutes of functional core-strength building at the end of class. STAR STUDENT: Ski-film star Jessica Sobolowski 411:

THE TRAINER: Angela Strickland THE GYM: Sun Valley Athletic Club and Angela's Gym, Sun Valley, Idaho THE CLASS: Strick- land's 15-station circuit uses cones, bungee cords, steps, and balls. STAR STUDENTS: Skiercross champs Zach and Reggie Crist 411:

THE TRAINER: Tom Williams THE GYM: The Stowe Gym, Stowe, Vermont THE CLASS: Williams' 20-station circuit includes aerobic conditioning, balance, and core. Focus is on injury prevention in and out of the class. STAR STUDENTS: Local Stowe rippers 411: