Tremblant, Quebec: Rank 1 East, 1997


Like an antique lamp that’s rubbed and polished to reveal something truly special, Tremblant¿after several seasons of investment and redesign by Intrawest¿is the class of the East. This Canadian resort ascended on the strength of seven gold medals, including Top 5 national rankings in Grooming, Lifts, Value and Service (second only to white-gloved Deer Valley). “One of my best ski vacations ever,” a reader gushes. On a clear day, ski Zig Zag and Vertige ’til your knees beg for mercy, then duck into La Legende to escape the chill¿the one problem Intrawest couldn’t design away. Too crowded? Head to the north side and Devil’s River or to Edge for tree skiing. The East Coast hordes that arrive every weekend are the only dark side to a mountain that is far enough north so that when New England is rain-soaked, Tremblant is buried in a foot of Laurentian powder. With the new trails, the mountain feels bigger than it is. So big that you can always find terrain to call your own. The town could have looked like Disney World and thank God it doesn’t. The architects’ rendering of old Quebec is a real charmer, and alone worth the trip. As for nightlife, the Quebecois invented the concept of party.

What’s New The Marriott Residence Inn, in theheart of town.
A Good Deal Five days/five nights, lift tickets, $319/person, Château Mont Tremblant; (800) 441-1414.
Medals Gold Snow Quality, Grooming, Terrain, Challenge, Value, Lifts, Service; Silver Weather.
High/Low Rank Lifts (1); Weather (31).
Don’t Miss Dancing on Le Caribou’s bar at 3 am, a Tremblant rite of passage.
Reader Remarks “My favorite for Eastern skiing.” “Very cold.”