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Tyrolia Bindings 2003


Along with a 20 percent weight reduction and fair pricing, Tyrolia makes a profound safety claim: the least change in release value with contaminated (dirty) ski boots. Its new RailFlex system, which adjusts to accept any boot size, requires no tools and is fixed with only one screw in a way that allows the toe and heel pieces to glide along outboard tracks, yielding better edge contact. Tyrolia likens RailFlex's grip to "link-belt" treads on a bulldozer versus the four points of tire contact on a 4WD.

AC, Player
Don't be deceived by the price of this basic recreational model. Nor do sound and feel have anything to do with its quality. It's lightweight and easy to heft and step in or out of.

SLD10 RailFlex
Player, AMC, AME, FR
Tyrolia's Super RailFlex works only on Head skis. The SLD is more substantial than the LD10. It solidifies and strengthens the ski by evenly distributing the driver's pressure. It also lengthens the sweet spot and makes the ski more forgiving. Highly recommended.

LD10 RailFlex with Plate
Unlike Super RailFlex, regular RailFlex can be mounted on any ski. The plated version of the LD10 offers a tighter, closer coupling and can be mounted in less than five minutes (so, less likelihood of mistakes by young shop guys). It's marginally heavier and more stable than the SLD10, but not significantly superior in performance.