Unorthodox Bode

Be Strong

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1. Single-legged tightrope squats: Bode has a 25-foot long tightrope-a.k.a. slackline, made out of two-inch-thick webbing-stretched four feet off the ground on which he does squats with one leg. These build stability and balance, and they’re way harder than barbell squats.

2. Uphill unicycle rides: Riding a unicycle builds pure core balance-and a career with the Cirque du Soleil-even for those of us without Bode’s preternatural speed in the gates.

3. Court-roller intervals: The camp where Bode trains has a 600-pound tennis court roller, which he puts in neutral and pushes up a strip of local blacktop. Kenney makes him do 40-second sprint bursts for lactic threshold training, and three sets of 50-second stints for muscular endurance training-a fine example of a multijoint workout and a power-generating form of grunt labor. (See photo, September, ’03, p. 122)

4. Uphill wheelbarrow intervals: Bode fills a one-wheeler with rocks and pushes it full bore uphill for 40-75 seconds. Sometimes his wheelchair-confined roommate fills in for the wheelbarrow. “Bode will throw up sometimes doing that one,” admits Kenney.

5. Rock climbing: Kenney built a 40-foot-tall wall with hand cracks and overhangs, where Bode works his upper body. (He avoided training on the wall to give the competition a chance before last year’s Superstars championships. He won anyway).