Unstumped By The Bumps, Step Two


Reach And Drive With Your Hands

Keep your poles swinging-always ready for the next pole plant.

Any good skier will tell you that your hands need to be forward, pointing at the fall line. The pole swing should be constant and fluid and should come from the wrist. Miss a pole plant in the bumps, and you're toast.

A. As you start, hold your poles straight up and down-and parallel to each other-so both are easy to swing. Plant by leading with your basket. Hold your elbow away from your body so you can really reach ahead.

B. As you plant your pole, drive your hand over the top of your grip, as if you are pushing your grip down the fall line. Keep driving that arm all the way through the next turn. This will add power from your arms.

C. Your arms, hands and poles are always in motion, but your chest and shoulders stay quiet. If you keep driving down the fall line, your upper body cannot twist out of position. Your arms should assist your legs, while your legs turn beneath you.