Upwardly Mobile: Sammy Carlson


Insiders took note of then 15-year-old Sammy’s slopestyle wizardry at the 2005 Gravity Games. He gapped the top section of an imposing trapezoid box with a perfect 360, landing flawlessly on the downside. Along with a textbook switch 1080 on the previous hit, Sammy’s run earned him fourth place.

Armed with a switch bio 1260—three and a half corked spins on a forward-leaning axis­—this prodigy of Mt. Hood summer camps took second in the 2006 USFO slopestyle. His film credits include Rage Films’ Booter Crunk, Poor Boyz Productions’ War, and Matchstick Production’s Push, coming out this fall.

A third-place showing at Whistler’s 2006 PlayStation big-air contest this spring wrapped up an exceptional season. But his ambitions for 2007 are even loftier: “I want to win X Games slopestyle, he says. “I have the winning run in me. I just gotta lay it down.

Says who
“No matter what, Sammy always stomps landings, says X Games champ Simon Dumont. “That’s why he’s on track to be one of the best overall skiers around.