US Nationals: Picabo, Where are You?


Jackson Hole, WY Mar. 24—Former Olympic gold medallist and World Champion, Picabo Street made an appearance at the finish line of the US National downhill to cheer on her fellow teammates and to lend a few words of wisdom.

Street, sidelined this season for rehab after her horrific downhill crash at the 1998 World Cup Finals, has been freeskiing this season to try to get back in shape for competition.

"Freeskiing the steep and deep has helped me regain my confidence and balance," Street explained. "It also helps me get all my other little muscles back into skiing shape."

Ski Team members and fans alike eagerly anticipate Street's return to the competitive ranks. So when is the return date?

"I plan to start training with the team in May and begin racing again in November. I feel that I'll be a better athlete when I return because through all the rehab, I've learned a lot more about my body."