U.S. Ski Team Veterans Named to Salt Lake City Olympic Board


Salt Lake City, August 8--U.S. Ski Team alumni Hilary Lindh and Luke Bodensteiner were named Thursday (July 8) to the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games board of trustees.

The announcements were made jointly by Utah Governor Mike Leavitt and Salt Lake Mayor Dedee Corradini. They were among seven named to the board of trustees, which was recently expanded to 50 persons. They join current U.S. Ski Team athlete Picabo Street on the board.

Lindh was one of the most decorated stars on the U.S. Ski Team in well over a decade of racing. A former world junior downhill champion, Lindh capped her career with the world downhill championship in 1997, as well as an Olympic silver in downhill in 1992. In 1995 she and Picabo Street battled neck-and-neck throughout the entire season for the World Cup downhill title in the singularly most spectacular season for U.S. downhill racers in history. Today she lives in Park City and attends the Univ. of Utah. She remains very active with her sport.

Bodensteiner was one of the top U.S. cross country skiers at the 1992 and 1994 Olympics, and helped lead the Univ. of Utah to a pair of NCAA titles during his career. After retirement as an athlete he took over the reins of the U.S. cross country ski program. He lives in Heber City, Utah.

"Our sports account for half of the medals awarded in the Olympic Winter Games, so it's especially exciting for us to have our athletes recognized and given this responsbility," said U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association CEO Bill Marolt. "Hilary has always been a tremendous inspiration to athletes around her and we look forward to her continued involvement in our sport. And Luke has done an outstanding job in helping forge a very focused program in cross country skiing. They are both outstanding choices to join Picabo on the Salt Lake City board of trustees."