Utah's Other Canyon: Mountain Tour, Solitude


Solitude Unless you're a beginner, your adventure at Solitude will most likely start on the Eagle Express high-speed quad. This westernmost chair serves some two dozen intermediate trails and a few expert bump runs. Like much of the front face of Solitude, most of the runs here are wide (100-plus yards in places) and straight down the fall line. It's a great place for experts to warm up, and some intermediates may stay here all day.

For more of a challenge, head east up the canyon, past the Moonbeam II beginner chair and Apex intermediate chair, to the Powderhorn and Summit lifts. These double chairs access mostly black and double-black runs that serve up a mix of tight glades, rock-lined couloirs and drop-offs. You can also access Honeycomb Canyon on Solitude's backside from these lifts.

Honeycomb is 400 acres of wild terrain, the best of which (Prince of Wales, Boundary Chutes) will probably require some hiking and extensive traversing. The only way out of Honeycomb is that brutal catwalk-not fun but doable on a snowboard-that drops you at the base of Eagle Express on the frontside.

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