Völkl Bindings 2003

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Motion is not a binding as such, but an interface integrated into certain high-end Völkls. Designed, quite frankly, to create synergy between Marker and Völkl, Motion adds $20-$40 to a ski-binding combination, but it's money well-spent. The binding is fixed at the middle while its extremities glide on built-in Motion rails, allowing totally unhindered ski flex. The result is a smooth, predictable ride.

Motion 12 (on Supersport T50 4-Star ski)
The lightest, most forgiving version of Motion is designed for intermediates. Compared to a ski without Motion, it smooths the ride on hard boilerplate and yields subtle intimacy with any snow. It only has 3 mm of lift, but it feels much higher.

Motion 1200 (on P50 ski)
This level of Motion, which is heavier and has more contact length, makes you much more conscious of the entire length of the edge, especially the tail. It delivers more power to the edge than the 12 and is worth the added expense. Recommended.

Piston Control Motion (on P50 ski)
This setup has caused quite a buzz, for good reason. Piston Control is most apparent in short, snappy turns when the ski is stressed and may be improperly "surprised." The Piston calms a fluttery ski coming out of a turn, so the new edge grips sooner. It's a huge improvement over the Motion 1200 in steep icy terrain, so Eastern skiers and Midwesterners may benefit more from the Piston Control than Westerners. Highly recommended.