Vendors Send Relief


Sept. 17, 2001 (STN)–Snowsports vendors and retailers have begun shipping needed supplies to rescue workers in Manhattan.

The North Face delivered 300 sleeping bags and 27 tents to the Red Cross for use by rescue personnel. Jackets, shoes, fleece items and tee-shirts have been shipped. SmartWool has donated over 15,000 pairs of socks through AmeriCares, according to CEO Peter Duke. Ron Shepard, former Licensing Director of the US Ski Team, reports that Bushnell/Bolle, Zeal, Panoptyx, Bugz, Spy, Scott, Paragon and Smith are sending protective eyewear for use in the dust and asbestos at the World Trade Center.

How To Help: AmeriCares is looking for flashlights, batteries, energy bars and other easy-to-consume and easy-to-ship food products, boots, water and any other kind of bottled beverage. The organization also is seeking gloves, dust masks and hard hats. and outerwear, especially waterproof jackets. Needs change from day to day, so contact the organization before shipping anything. Email Dana Waesche (dwaesche@americares.org) or phone 203-972-5500. Expect to ship donations to Sikorsky Airport in Connecticut. AmeriCares sends them by helicopter to Manhattan.

For more information on supporting AmeriCares programs, see AmeriCares.org.

SIA has registered with the Red Cross and has conveyed a list of the products our members manufacture. They will be contacting us as soon as possible to let us know what they need and we will, in turn, contact members who have these products. Please prepare for a possible phone call from us with an opportunity to help in the next few days or even weeks.

Ron Shepard has also told SIA that some companies have donated through New York-based retailers. If your dealers would be willing to distribute the donations for you, they can contact the Manhattan Treehouse (working in conjunction with the Red Cross) for information about what to do with products at 212-712-0113, or bring donations to 148 W. 83rd St.