Vermont vs. New Hampshire: Vermont Rules!

Fall Line

I'll get right to it, Krista: Vermont rules, New Hampster drools. Here's why (and I'll avoid big words, since your state spends so much less on education):

Skiers You've got Bode. We've got Andrea Mead (two golds in one Olympics), Barbara Ann Cochran (Olympic gold), sister Marilyn (GS world champ), Bill Koch (the only American to not suck in nordic) and Billy Kidd (first U.S. male Olympic medal). I won't even mention snowboarding.

Academies We've got Burke, GMVS, Stratton. You've got...well, no wonder Bode went to school in Maine.

NCAA Titles UVM 5. UNH and Dartmouth 0. (No wonder you went to school in Maine, Krista.)

Environment We've got returnable bottles, billboard-free roads and sensible development control. You've got North Conway. ("What a lovely spot; let's build a mall!")

State Motto "Live free or die" scares little kids and summons images of flinty hillbillies oiling their carbines.

Politicians We've got Jim Jeffords, conservative with a conscience. You've got John Sununu, the pear-shaped former governernor/White House chief of staff who, when not hijacking Marine choppers for rides to the golf course, was regularly getting schooled in the gates by our guv.

Skiing We get more snow, yet your mountains are higher and more spectacular. So who was in charge of locating the ski areas? Mr. Magoo? And why did twice as many skiers visit Vermont last year? (Hint: not just because New Hampshire is proud home of the "World's Worst Weather.")In some categories you kill us. Like, number of Wal-Marts (N.H. 11, Vt. 2). But we woodchucks invented lift-served skiing (Woodstock, 1933). Today we've got Stowe, Mad River, Sugarbush, Killington-icons all. What has New Dumpster got? Let's hear it, Krista. SKI Senior Editor Joe Cutts is a native of Northfield, Vt.