Warren Miller's Lithographs

Warren Miller's lithographs

Ski icon Warren Miller reproduces sketches from back in the day.

His films have kept skiers in stitches for 50 years. Now Warren Miller is opening the archives to a talent that predates his film career, harkening back to 1948 when he resided in a Sun Valley parking lot.

Just after racing in the Harriman Cup that year, Warren made himself at home at the dining room table of the local Challenger Inn and sketched five images-one of himself and four of his ski pals-Jack Reddish, Barney McLean, Leon Goodman and Toni Matt. Years later-matted and framed-the sketches decorated his office walls. Now, after much prodding from business associates, he has decided to duplicate the sketches and sell them to the public. Reminiscent of the days when skiers skied to ski-not to pose-the appeal of these sketches stands the test of time.

"This is a great gift to give to the people who just loaned you their condominium for a week and saved you an awful lot of money," laughs Warren. "It will hang on their wall...as a constant reminder to invite you back in case you might give them a second lithograph." The set of five sells for $1,500. Individually, each lithograph costs $300, except for Warren's self-sketch, which costs $450. Warren jokes that his is worth more because it shows him with hair, which "makes it somewhat of an archaeological treasure." Warren will handpaint and individually autograph each print to the buyer. To order, contact Dan MacMillan (425-844-8406; mac.productions@gte.net).