Waterville Kicks Off Season With Rome, Special Blend


WATERVILLE VALLEY, NH - (News Release - October 15, 2007) - A packed season of events at Waterville Valley starts Saturday, Nov. 10, with the first stop of the Rome Pre-Mature JibTour. Boxes, rails, bonks, hot dogs, girls, guys, and tons of product from Rome will all be present and accounted for. Passes will be $10 for the day and will include food, drink and fun. The event will be free. Riders will be broken up into three heats of all ages and sexes and will compete in a 20-minute jam session. Five of those competitors will be picked from each heat to represent in a 15-rider final. Prizes include Rome snowboards, bindings, gloves and backpacks.

One week later on Saturday, Nov. 17, Waterville's good friends from Special Blend will be hosting "First Chair/Last Call" to promote their high-def feature film from the Special Blend crew. The premise of this event is to be the first snowboarder on the lift on opening day at Waterville Valley and you will be handsomely rewarded with a head-to-toe outfit from Special Blend! This includes a jacket, pant, thermal, hat, beanie, tee, hoodie, socks and backpack. So all you have to do is get out of bed and get there!

"Last Call" happens once the hill closes for the day and it's time for those of age to head to town. Relive the first day of riding with Special Blend - there will be giveaways and promo product handed out at random and something special at the official "Last Call." The moral of the story is get there early and stay late for this event, and it will be the best opening weekend of snowboarding you've ever had.

For the lowdown on all Waterville's events check out www.snowboardwaterville.com.