Waterville Valley End of Season J5 Free Ski Contest Results

"Dude, Can You Carry My Skis?"

April 14, 2005

Waterville Valley, NH - (News Release) - On the final weekend of Waterville Valley's 2005-2006 season, skiers took to the terrain park for the second annual Jibberific Jib Jammin' Junkyard Jamboree, or J5.  Saturday, April 8, proved not to be a picture perfect day with cool temps and hard pack conditions, but the level of skiing was boosted due to the $2,500 up for grabs, thanks to Dunkin Donuts, and other prizes provided by K2, Anon, R.E.D. and Buchika's. 

The J5 contest takes elements from the Boneyard, the final resting place for things that once were at the resort, and uses them for jibs.  This season creative thinking produced an old lift shack with a flat box angled on the top, two PVC pipes at a 45 degree angle coming out of the snow, an up rail, a waterfall box, a Hubba stair setup and a hearse that was straight out of Jersey.

Thirty-two skiers showed up to battle it out on the unique features, eat some free food, win some prizes and bring home the cash.  15 competitors entered in the PRO division where the cash was put up for first place and 17 AM's were going for product.  Judging for the contest consisted of AM's judging the PRO's and vice-versa.  In addition to awards to the top three finishers in each category, $500 was up for grabs to the winner of the best trick portion and also the winner of best photo from the day.

The format of the contest was broken up with the PRO's and AM's each having a 45 minute jam session, a BBQ lunch break, best trick contest and awards.   The AM division kicked things off with one brave soul, Scott "Meathucker" Townes, hitting the feared Dunkin Donuts lift shack...he later took the hardest slam of the day off the shack but kept on truckin' until the end.  Other notably impressive work was done on the up-rail, waterfall box, the infamous hearse, and Hubba.  As the PRO division took over, conditions softened up a bit and the level of competition was on the rise.  John Strenio was the first of the only two PRO's to hit the Dunkin Donuts shack with smooth and precise style. An Unknown skier wearing a purple jacket and magenta pant was hucking himself off the 55' jump and then flowing smoothly on every element in his way.  The PRO division concluded with Loon Mountain park ranger Greg Ruppel dominating the hearse and Dunkin Donuts shack with 270-on-270-outs.

During a quick BBQ lunch break that included Red Bull, burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and Waterville Valley's own deep fried potato chips, contestants were continually sessioning the Hubba stair set with the unknown magenta pants wearer doing eye opening 270's each way onto the down-flat portion and continually throwing himself off the bigger park jumps.  The best trick contest began shortly after everyone had a full stomach with around 20 skiers taking on the challenge of the hearse.  With many 270's on the hearse being thrown down right off, new tricks had to quickly be tried to separate the truly skilled from the rest and take home the best trick.  Many competitors took some hard slams trying to throw the best they have, but in the end 14 year old Brendan Wall from Rockport, MA walked away with top honors with stylish 450's, 270's and perfect landings.

When all was said and done, winners were finally announced and prizes were handed out:

1st: Kyle Keating, 14, Rockport, MA  - Winning a Pair of K2 Skis
2nd: J-Ryan Thomas, 21, Merrimac, MA - Winning product from K2
3rd: Tyler Thistle, 15, Bridgewater, NH - Winning product from K2

1st: Dylan Ferguson, 17, Amesbury, MA - Winning $1500 in $5 dolla' bills
2nd: Greg Ruppel, 25, Campton, NH - Winning a pair of K2 Skis and Poles
3rd: John Strenio, 17, Burlington, VT - Winning mad product from K2!

Best Trick:
Brendan Wall, 14, Rockport, MA, - $500

Best Photo:
Check out www.snowboardwaterville.com for the winner

Unknown to each competitor was a raffle for a brand new Garry Fisher Mtn Bike provided by Buchika's in Salem, N.H.  Each contestant was added to the raffle box and a name was randomly chosen for the winner.  Scott "Meathucker" Townes from Weare, NH, was the chosen winner of the bike; Scott was also the wounded warrior that kept on charging every element after busting himself up.

"We couldn't ask for a better way to end the terrain park season here at Waterville Valley says Terrain Park Manager John Webster.  "The jibs were fun, some a bit more intimidating than others, but overall everyone had a great time and seemed to enjoy the creativeness of contest...what will we come up with next year? Mark your calendars!"

For photo galleries from the event, please visit www.snowboardwaterville.com or email pmathews@boothcreek.com.