We Need More Cowbell

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1. LCDSoundsystem's"Daft Punk IsPlaying at MyHouse.

The openingtrack to LCD'sgroundbreaking self-titledalbum—written for thosewho prefer to get theirdance on without glowsticks and pacifi ers in theirmouths—will make youpoint 'em.

2. Queens ofthe Stone Age's"Little Sister.
QOTSA fanswill rememberthe drummeron this track asthe guy who isn't DaveGrohl. At least he had thesense to incorporate thiswonder instrument. OK,so actually it's a woodblock. But it sounds likea cowbell. And it ain'tgonna make you skiworse. (Could anything?)

3. "Sounds ofHahnenkamm
Technically, itisn't a song. Wedon't even knowif it's from theHahnenkamm.But it's a vintage audio clipfrom a ski race with drunkAustrians pounding outsome cowbell courage.Download it here. (Right click and save link as.) Then loadit to your iPod. Now, theAustrians work for you.

4. Blue à–ysterCult's "Don'tFear the Reaper
And you thoughtwe'd forget this,the Bauplan ofcowbell songs,the fi rst lady of bovinepercussiondom. Nota chance. Will Ferrellcalled to remind us.