Weekend Whiteout in Colorado


Summit County, CO, Sept. 20--More snow fell in the mountains of Colorado this weekend. A cold front swept across the state yesterday dropping snow on mountain ranges above 10,000 feet.

According to the Colorado Park Service, heavy, wet snow, and fog created whiteout conditions prompting the Sunday afternoon closure of Trail Ridge Road, the only road that provides access through Rocky Mountain National Park. The Park office reports that the road is still closed today as crews continue clearing the snow.

"We can't really estimate when the road will re-open as there is still heavy snowfall above 8,800 feet, but it will re-open.", stated Peter Allen, a spokesperson for Rocky Mountain National Park. The road typically closes for the season in mid-October.

Nearby, the road to the top of Mt. Evans was also closed yesterday due to whiteout conditions. The US Forest service had to send search teams to rescue four hikers, who were caught in the storm. Officials hope to reopen the road to Mt. Evans this week, weather permitting, before it closes for the winter in October.

Finally, snow also slowed motorists on I-70 at the Eisenhower tunnel, which straddles the Continental Divide at 11,000 feet and acts as the gateway to much of Colorado's ski country. Transit officials did not have to close the highway however, as the snow did not really stick on the road.

The National Weather Service expects 1-5 more inches of snow in Colorado's mountains today.