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If extra pounds are keeping you from stellar skiing, these resources can help you lose the excess baggage.

InteliHealth (www.intelihealth.com) draws on experts from Johns Hopkins University and elsewhere to provide advice on weight management, exercise, sports medicine and healthy living.

Shape Up America! (www.shapeup.org) features a "Shape Up and Drop 10" program, fitness assessment tools, physical activity charts and a cyberkitchen that can tailor menus to weight goals.

Performance Skiing: Training and Techniques to Make You a Better Alpine Skier by George Thomas (Stackpole Books, $15.95) looks at the physical requirements of skiing and appropriate conditioning routines for skiers.

Women Ski by Claudia Carbone (World Leisure Books, $14.95) not only helps women understand how they can ski better and enjoy skiing as a life-long activity, but also contains an excellent chapter on conditioning for women.